SpaceX, NASA, and the Astronauts who landed in Florida

This would go after line 0 to highlight that part, and preface the next section.
This would go after section 6 to give faces to the individuals who are being referenced.
This would go after section 7 to highlight what Pesquet was talking about.

For this assignment I used Canva to create my infographics. I used a template because I was having trouble determining where I wanted to go for this one. I like Canva because of how easy it is to use. The elements of the story that caught my attention was the names of the astronauts as well as the amount of time they were in space. For this reason, I made infographics around them. I did not conduct much research aside from that of scrolling through Thomas’ twitter and the NASA website for the images included. It took me about 3 hours to do this assignment. My design process was just collecting the images I needed and putting them together with the information already provided by the story. This type of assignment is very challenging so it was hard to work through. I also felt as though I couldn’t be as creative as I wanted to be since there were only 4 stories to design around.

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