International Travel : Then, Now, & Later

I would put this map before the first paragraph because it gives context to the “33 countries” that are getting rid of travel bans.
I would put this after the 6th paragraph to give contest to the timeline of obtaining a visa and how long it takes.
I would put this after paragraph 9 because it lines up with exactly the factual data in the paragraph.
  • This week I chose to use a site I have never used before called Visme. Visme is very user-friendly and gave me lots of options. Although I did use templates, I liked changing colors to match all three and changing pictures to match the theme.
  • I wanted to enhance how badly COVID actually effected international travel. I liked that i had to research outside of the article.
  • I picked certain parts of the story I wanted to enhance and researched things like the timeline for a visa and which countries has a travel ban.
  • Research took an hour the design took me about 3.
  • I really ran with the blue & White theme. I thought it was clean and simple and liked the playing with colored filters over the pictures.

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