As Many Try Living With Virus, China Keeps up Zero Tolerance

Above 4
Above 8
Above 14

For this infographic I used Canva to create my support pieces for the article about China keeping their zero tolerance. I used part of a template for the background and the to start my work as my mind was foggy today. Parts of the story that caught my attention were emphasized statistics and quotes that I wanted to highlight on. I wanted to place these infographics in a way that caught the eye of the reader. I used Canva to create this because it is one f my favorite online softwares that is available. I have been using it for years now and it’s one of my favorite ways to create infographics and posts. The choice of colors for this piece was done to be bold yet simple so it caught the viewer’s eye. Red always makes stuff pop. The two fonts I chose fell together perfectly as they were suggested in the template. I liked them so I kept them. Researching and creating this project did not take me long but I have to say it was hard trying to think outside of the box when you were diagnosed with the flu. I am pleased with what I came up with during these circumstances but I think my last infographic could have been sharper!

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