The Many Ice Cream Shops of Gettysburg, PA

This week creating the Google Map was not a new experience for me.  Over the summer with my internship, we frequently used Google Maps when doing contests.  To mark out our trip traveling, I used Google Maps to mark the locations we want to go to, and it helped track our travel mileage as well as making the trip efficient in the travel time.  I enjoyed making this Google Map on various Ice Cream shops around Gettysburg, PA.  Gettysburg is my hometown and I am an ice cream lover and have visited each of these locations at least once in my lifetime and some of these locations more frequently than others.  After watching the tutorial video and instructional lecture videos, combined with my previous experience using Google Maps, creating this did not take me very long.  Since I knew the ice cream shops in Gettysburg, I just had to find their locations on the map which probably took about 30 minutes and then to make the Google Map took a little over an hour and a half to complete. Each of the images used in the various locations have sources from where they were found at attached in the description, as well as for the information provided.  As for color choices for the little ice cream icons, I chose to use purple and red because they are both fun colors and stand out on the map.  I chose to use red also because all of the chain name shops that I chose to include use the color red in their logo and brand designs. The purple was then made the local shops color and this color also sticks out well when placed on the map and is used in some of the local shops logo and brand designs.


  1. Not sure if your map can be complete without Half Pint. My family (wife, me, two high school students) wants to put together a day-long scavenger hunt where we walk to all the shops and eat a kids cone at each.


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