Vaccination of the Military

I would places this after the first paragraph so the reader knows who they are reading about and refer back to this illustration.
I would put this after the 20th paragraph to give a visual representation of percentages.
I would put this at the end of the article because the dates are scattered and if someone wanted a small recap of dates for departments they would have it.


  • I used photoshop again for this assignment. I loved working with photoshop and I especially like the select subject tool is very helpful for cutting things out. I started from scratch for everything.
  • I wanted to make sure that I had figureheads. When I read things I remember people and recognize their importance if I see their pictures. With the percentages I knew that it would be nice to see a visual representation to see where the military is at with vaccination.
  • I looked up more updates and pictures.
  • This took about 5 hours.
  • I have a tendency to try and make interesting pie charts. I played with opacity for everything and wanted to make it very simple as to not take away from the information.


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