A Deeper dive into Shiba Inu

For this Info graph, I think it should go right after the first paragraph. This is because it gives the reader more information about Shiba Inu as a company. And that is important because to me at least, this company isn’t well known enough to be accepted without background information.

This info graphic should go after the seventh paragraph. I say this because it helps alleviate a lot of the confusion created by all the information given in that paragraph.

This Info Graph should go after the 13 paragraph because it gives information from the four previous paragraphs. And helps give a physical look at the information given in previous slides.


For this project in used CANVA, and took advantage of the formats created in the system. I did however change each one to best fit the info I was trying to give. While i found the whole story very interesting. I did think that what Shiba Inu was, along with the numbers were the things that needed to be highlighted the most. Very little research was done for this project except for some background information thanks to most of the information already being given to me. However, due to the time it took to create three info graphs, this project did probably take 3-4 hours.


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