Understanding the Texas Abortion Laws & Moreover

This would go after paragraph 2 to allow for facial recognition for the rest of the article.
This would go after paragraph 8 to summarize everything discussed in the article thus far, and to highlight time periods mentioned.
This would go after paragraph 12 to highlight more about Gov. Abbott.

For this assignment I chose to use Canva being as I thought it was the least stressful program to use. I did not use templates and just made the infographics from scratch. The story that I chose stood out to me because I feel as though it is an issue that deserves more coverage. I am not the most political person so I wanted to step out of my comfort zone especially since this is a serious issue.

I thought highlighting the individuals responsible for these bans was efficient in getting across the story, as well as showing the existing and proposed weeks allowed before a ban. I researched this topic through the provided story as well as looking up information about the Supreme Court. All of their images were taken from the supreme courts website. This project took me around 3-4 hours to complete and was definitely the most exhaustive task thus far. I think designing from here on out is going to slowly improve overtime, especially with subjects I am interested in.


Justice Photos

Info on Supreme Court

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