COVID Vaccinations vs The U.S. Military

This infographic would be placed after paragraph 6 in order to show an accurate representation of where the specific military branches are at when it comes to unvaccinated members.
This infographic would be placed after paragraph 7 because readers are introduced to John Kirby, but are not given a full evaluation about him.
This infographic would be placed after paragraph 6 but before infographic #1. It would be placed here to give readers a visual of the percentages of the vaccinated vs unvaccinated members of the military that was mentioned in the article.


For this infographic I used Canva. I have continuously been using Canva over the past several weeks due to its freedom for creativity and its straightforward tools and accessibilities. I started from scratch with this infographic and implicated my own fonts images and colors. The elements that caught my attention most in the story were the statistics, more specifically the information regarding each individual branch of the military which was highlighted fairly early in the article. My first and third infographic will enhance this portion of the story by giving the audience a visual of how big these numbers truly are. Another element that caught my attention were the individuals mentioned in the article. Although there were a handful, I deemed John Kirby to be the most valuable. There wasn’t much personal information presented in the article, so infographic #2 will give readers more of an understanding who he is and why he is valuable to not only the article but to the vaccinations in the military.

Research on this topic went much quicker than usually due to us being provided with an article. Most of my information came directly from the article itself, however finding additional research took me about 30 minutes. As for the design process it took me close to 3 hours total. It took me a little bit longer than my past infographics because I made multiple and wanted each to be different but also keep somewhat of a similarity.

I wanted my design to have the appearance of the military. I based most my coloring off of the well known “army” look with greens, blacks, whites, and grays. I also used fonts inspired by typical militaristic styles. I added visuals to designs as well to give it more of an interactive look.


John Kirby

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