U.S. Reopens International Travel

This infographic would be placed after paragraph 0, so readers will know which countries are allowed to travel to the U.S. and what requirements are needed.
This infographic would be placed after paragraph 2 because readers need to know exactly how many people in the world have at least one dose of the vaccine.
This infographic would be placed after paragraph 10, so that way the readers are informed on how many people have been traveling to the U.S. since the pandemic started.

I once again used Canva to complete this week’s infographic story. I started from scratch again since I have gotten used to this program and know where everything is. I really enjoy the little graphics that I am able to insert on each infographic it makes the overall look feel professional and very well put together. There is one downside, I find it hard to center each text box and line each one up perfectly since this is such a tedious program.

This story really caught my eye, I didn’t even know that we were still under tight restrictions until recently. I thought travel pretty much went back to normal months ago, so you learn something new every day. I honestly had no idea that we reopened traveling to 33 countries which I thought was very interesting and wanted to highlight that in one of my infographics.

My research took about an hour to complete since I really read into the article provided and even looked up more online on the Associated Press. My sources that I gathered information on include the Associated Press, Our World in Data, and Association of Performing Arts Professionals (APAP). The overall creation of my three infographics took around two hours since I wasn’t sure how I wanted to present my information and what I wanted the layout to look like. So in total the whole assignment took about three hours to complete.

As far as my design process, I decided to stick with what I have been doing which is selecting a patterned background and choosing a color scheme Canva provides. I also did the same thing for the font, I found two fonts that are already generated on the program and used it on the infographic. After this, I found graphics on Canva that supported my information and added them onto each infographic.


AP: https://bit.ly/3wNxo1U

Our World in Data: https://bit.ly/3qGDyQA

APAP: https://bit.ly/3oyoOQR

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