Military Vaccination Information

This infographic would be placed after paragraph 5, so readers are informed on what vaccines are required for military personnel and what vaccines are recommended.
This infographic would be placed after paragraph 23 so readers will know more about Marine Col. Speros Koumparakis and what his background is.
This infographic would be placed after paragraph 25, so readers are aware about the statistics and deadlines of when military personnel need to be vaccinated by.

I used Canva again for this weeks Infographic Story since I’ve worked with it several times in the past. I started from scratch and did not use a template. I’ve found that templates are only helpful for certain assignments. I really like this program because I know how to navigate it well and I like the themes that they provide as well as the infographic template size.

I thought that the part where the article explains that some military members need up to 17 vaccines. I did not know that and thought that this information could be expanded more. So, I decided to research what vaccines are enforced and what vaccines are recommended for some.

I researched this topic through a couple different sources. I used Newsweek and for my first infographic since I did not know much about this topic at all, it was refreshing to learn new information. Then, for my second infographic I used The Official Website of the United States Marine Corps to research the Commanding Officer. For the last infographic, I just used what was provided within the article. My overall research took about an hour to complete and the infographics took around two hours making it a total of three hours to complete everything.

As far as my design process, I was testing out different themes until I came to an army green color that I thought was fitting for this topic. Then I chose the fonts again through a different theme and the graphics came from Canva and I placed them where I thought they were necessary.





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