Vaccination and the Military

By: Rachel Iredale

Paragraph 3
Paragraph 6
Paragraph 20


For this assignment I decided use a mixture of programs the combine some of the skills I have acquired throughout this course. For my first infographic I wanted to illustrate Bridge Gen. Darrin Cox. I wanted to inform the audience of his background in the medical field to give what he says more value. I also think it is good for the audience to see what he looks like so they are able to visualize the story. I used power point excel for the pie chart. I used excel because it makes simple charts that are to the point. The only thing that I have found I dislike about excel is that they only have a certain amount of preselected colors to choose from. If I were to have my choice of colors, I would have chosen a light and dark red since this is a story about the US military. For the last graph I chose to use Canva. I used Canva because I am able to make the graph more of my own. I was able to simplify this graph by cutting down the numbers from being in the 100,000s to the 100s. I did this because the numbers were so large that it made my graph look slightly cluttered. By cutting the numbers down I am still able to get my point across but it looks neater this way. I chose different color blues to represent the numbers vaccinated and unvaccinated, again since this is a story about the U.S. military. Overall, I wanted my infographics to be professional and simple. I wanted them to be professional because this is an informative story about our government and military. I thought it would be disrespectful in a way to try and make these infographics super out there and creative. I wanted them to be simple because simplicity helps to get the point of the story across without taking too much attention away from the statistics.

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