U.S. Supreme Court Takes up Texas’ Recent Heartbeat Act

This infographic would be placed after paragraph 14 of the story. I think the story sounds a bit misleading in that paragraph, making it seem like Texas is the only state to enact an abortion ban for early pregnancies. Just because 12 was denied doesn’t mean there aren’t 7 other that exsist.

This infographic would go after paragraph 4. Immediately the first thing I thought when reading that part of the paragraph was someone may not know who our Supreme Court Justices are, or how they voted based on the description in that paragraph alone. This infographic allows the opportunity to learn exactly which U.S. Supreme Court Justice voted for what.

This infographic would go after paragraph 6. I chose to focus on this quote out of all the readings specifially because I have not personally head much of Solicitor General Elizabeth Prelogar. With this infographic it puts a (illustrated) face to a name, and the pretty heavy comment that came from her.

For my first infographic, I chose to create it on Photoshop. Photoshop is what software program I have found the most effective for when it comes to making map graphics. As I mentioned in the caption, I chose it because I felt that paragraph section needed to further explain what states actaully have enacted abortion restrictions at 6 weeks. I researched this topic on Fortune. It took me about 30 minutes to research and make this infographic. I chose the same font throughout all the infographics because I felt it read nicely and professional looking, like the rest of the article. For this specific infographic I chose pinks against a darker tan color because I think it made the font easier to read.

I created my second infographic on Canva. I chose to create it because when I read that section of the article I had to stop and question which Supreme Court Justice member voted for what side based on the information given. I was having trouble recalling all the members for a moment, when they could’ve said specific names of the inviduals and how they voted. I created the infographic in mind hoping the viewer would be able to distinguish the group of 4 on the left side is who voted against it, and the group of 5 on the right is who voted in support of it. This graphic took me about 15 minutes.

I created my third infographic as well on Canva. I honestly didn’t have this section of the paragraph in mind as first to create a graphic for, it wasn’t until I had to google who Elizabeth Prelogar was I found that photo and envisioned this graphic. I figured, others may not know who she is/remember either so making an infographic featuring an illustrated photo of her with her bold comment may help people recognize her.

References: Fortune , ScotusBlog, Supreme Court of US

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