How Many Wineries are in each State?

I chose to make a map of wineries and vineyards by state because I enjoy visiting wineries and was curious as to how many existed in each state.

This is a map, from World Map with Countries, detailing the amount of wineries and vineyards located in each U.S. state. To figure out how I could create this map, I simply googled, “number of wineries by state,” and recored the data given to me by American Winery Guide. This data was stored in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. This recording of information was very quick and took less than three minutes to actually record.

I made this map in Photoshop. To do this, I downloaded a map of the United States from the internet, took the data I recorded from, also, the internet, and colored each state in as indicated by the legend. This coloring took me almost three hours by itself and was very annoying.

I chose the colors used in the legend because the reminded me of different wines. The lightest color, used for 1-10 wineries, is reminiscent of a blush rose. The darkest color, used for 601-1000 wineries, is similar to a dark pinot noir. The color I chose for the state with the most wineries is a champagne gold, which I felt was appropriate because only one state fit into that category- California.

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