Apple Music Who?


For this weeks infographic I wanted to do it on the popular streaming Spotify. Its such an ongoing debate with what streaming service is best; Apple Music or Spotify? As a Spotify user, I thought this could be a fun infographic to prove a point. I used Canva for this design, I started from scratch this time so I was able to use my creativity a bit more. I still am just so fascinated with all Canva has to offer, it really embraces my imagination.

I researched this topic via google. I incorporated some prior knowledge due to being a customer but I was able to find most of my statistics on the web. My original plan was to make this infographic comparing both Spotify and Apple Music however, I wasn’t able to find significant comparable information on the subjects. This made my research process a little bit longer than expected. It took me roughly 2 hours to find what I needed. When it came to creating the infographic itself, it also took me around 2 hours since I began from scratch.

With that being said I played around a lot with different formats and design layouts for this infographic. I figured the simpler the better for this specific topic. However I did add icons to make the design look a little more fun. For the colors I chose to stick with Spotify’s branding colors; green white and black. I added some orange just to add dimension.



Spotify User Statistics

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