Tik Tok: The App that Took Over

By: Rachel Iredale

Program and Creation:

I decided to use Canva again because I think it is a very good application to make infographics. I chose a template simple because it already had boxes made out for me. I changed almost everything besides the white boxes on the template. I used a pink, black, blue, and white color scheme because these are the colors of Tik Tok. I also used the emojis throughout the infographic because I believe that Tik Tok represents a place for creativity and the emojis on the infographic help to represent this. Overall, I spend about an hour creating this infographic.


I researched this topic by simply Googling all about Tik Tok. Since this is one of the most popular application on the app store, there is a lot of information about it. The hardest part was finding what information was good and what was bad. Overall, I spent about 30 minutes getting all of the information together.


Top Tik Tok Stars

Tik tok Picture

Country Downloads

Pie Chart

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