Oh Snap, Snapchat!

  • What program did you use to create your infographic? Did you use a template or start from scratch? What did you like or dislike about this program?

For this infographic, I used Canva to create it. I started from scratch on a blank template and then went from there to decide colors, font, pictures, and diagrams. I like Canva because it is very easy to use and navigate through. I like how with Canva you can make it your own with decided colors, fonts, font size, etc.

  • How did you research this topic?

I researched this by googling it and then finding a reliable website to use for the research. I liked this week’s topic for the infographic because I use Snapchat daily and I wanted to know more information about it. I found a few websites that had statistics on the information I wanted to gather and fun facts and I found out information that half of it I didn’t even know in general.

  • How long did it take you to research and then create the infographic?

The research took me about an hour and twenty minutes to find what I needed to create my graphs, diagrams, and pie charts. Creating the infographic took me another forty-five minutes to an hour to complete with starting from a blank template it took me some time to find colors and fonts that look good together.

  • What was your design process like? Walk us through why you made the color choices, font choices, and layout choices you did.

Once I had all the research in my hands, I then chose the background a light yellow since the Snapchat logo is a brighter logo and I knew I wanted to use the Snapchat logo on the infographic. I then decided on a different font choice that I haven’t used on my past infographics the font I chose was bold and stood out. It was good to have the bold font because it overall made the infographic stand out to the audience viewing it. I chose to put the header bigger in black and then laid out the rest with the statistics and charts I created underneath it. I chose the color within the diagram with black, grey, and different kinds of yellows that match the whole infographic. I think this infographic is one of the best ones I designed!


History of Snapchat

Statistics about the age of Snapchat

Statistics about the gender use of Snapchat

Snapchat Logo

Snapchat Logo on phone Pic

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