History of the Playstation

The program that I used to create my infographic, was Canva. I have used Canva in the past for most of my infographics, so I am very familiar with the program. I started from scratch when creating my infographic. I wanted to challenge myself with creating my infographic from scratch. I like the program Canva, You can do so much with this program.

I researched my topic, by searching PlayStation on Google. There were so many links related to PlayStation. It took me about an hour to search for my information, and about an hour to create my infographic, so in total it took me two hours to finish the infographic.

My design process was pretty straightforward. I decided to use a blue background for my infographic because PlayStation’s colors are black and blue. For the map, I used blue for PlayStation, and Green for Xbox because Xbox is green. For the pie chart I decided to use Blue for Male, and Pink for Females. For the Fonts, I just used the fonts that were already there for me. I used white text because I thought it looked good with the blue background.






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