Tik Tok, The App That Causes You to Get Lost For Hours…

I used to be so against downloading this app. Then I decided to see what was so great about it one day, now its my main source of entertainment. Many people think TikTok is just people dancing and stupid videos, but it is more than that. TikTok causes lots of laughs, personalizes your interests giving you more content you’ll enjoy. But with that being said, it is addicting and can definitely be used too much in one day.

This infographic combines both media and entertainment. There was so much more I could talk about but it would have been to overwhelming. I created this on Canva, and it took me about 3-4 hours. I didn’t use a template, I choose a black background to make the pink stand out. I choose pink and blue as accent color because of the TikTok logo. I added symbols, text boxes, a graph, and images of the app (my own account). By adding the images my audience can see what the app looks like if they are unfamiliar. I feel like this infographic is way different than my others, I stepped out of my comfort zone a bit to create this. I was lucky enough to only need one website to create this. This website was up to date with statistics I needed.

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