Fast Facts About Instagram

For this weeks infographic, I chose the topic of Instagram since there are a bunch of different statistics and information about the social media platform. I once again used Canva to create my infographic because I have been using it religiously since the start of this course. I decided to create my infographic from scratch instead of using a template because I found that templates can be quite tricky and may not correlate with your content effectively. Creating an infographic from scratch can take quite longer, but I have found that the end result is way better than using a template.

I really do not know much about Instagram considering it is not as big as it was five or 10 years ago. I had to complete a lot of my research online, but it was simple to find since it is an established social media platform. I used sites such as Hootsuite and Visual Capitalist for statistics and Brandwatch for the most followed accounts. It only took about an hour to figure out what topic I wanted to do along with the research process. Then the creation of the infographic took about an hour and a half this time around since I am more familiar with starting an infographic from scratch.

My design process was fairly simple and to the point. I wanted the infographic to look clean and match the Instagram logo colors. I found a color scheme through the “style” options that matched the logo so I went with it. Then for the fonts, I chose Alegreya Sans Black and Alegreya Sans Bold to make my infographic look clean and put together.


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