The rise of TikTok


I created this infographic using Canva. I decided to start this infographic from scratch without a template so that I would have more freedom on the layout. I like the amount of graphics that Canva has for people to use for their infographics. I researched this topic by searching for statistics on the social media app ‘TikTok’. I ended up finding all of the information that I needed on the same website. This website was very helpful because it was updated in September of 2021 so it is all recent information to create the most accurate infographic. It took me about a half an hour to research my topic and another hour to design and create my infographic on Canva. For my design process, I tried to keep it simple using a light gray background. I chose black, teal, and pink as my accent colors because those are the colors that are in TikTok’s logo. I made the font black and bold so that it would stand out.


All of my graphics came from

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