Plant-Powered: A Look at a Plant-Based Diet

For this week’s infographic, I chose to cover a plant-based diet. I’ve been a Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian my entire life, so this was a topic close to me.

I used Adobe Spark for this assignment because I wanted to incorporate more photos and icons and Adobe Spark has a great background removal tool that saves me more time than using photoshop. I also like Adobe Spark because I find it easier to move icons, text, and photos on than Canva.

Overall, a majority of this infographic’s research involved looking for images, as 20 + years of being a vegetarian give you more than enough basic knowledge on the health benefits and “guidelines” to the diet. However, I did cite some sources below to confirm and elaborate on my infographics claim.

Designing the infographic took about an hour and a half. I chose shades of green because it’s typically associated with health foods and used blue, white, and orange because they were complimentary and added a pop of color. I tried to choose readable, but friendly fonts- I didn’t want my infographic to seem “preachy” or even particularly educational- just fun and informative, which is why I included famous people that are plant-based.


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