Chasing Zzzz’s with Lexi

This week’s infographic focused on Health and Environment. For me, I chose to sleep as my topic. I chose this topic because sleep is very important for your everyday life and I have always struggled with getting enough of it. Researching it was easy as there are many reliable websites and studies on it. The researching process did not take me long as I used the CDC website and SCL Health website. They both provided me with quick, accurate, and interesting information that I was able to use in my infographic. Creating my infographic I used the online service of Canva. It is by far my favorite and it allows me to bring my ideas to life. I started from scratch for this week’s infographic as I wanted to make sure I had enough room for everything that I had in mind. As I was designing this infographic, I wanted to use colors that would in a nursery or bedroom, soft colors. As for the font, I wanted it to be in the middle of soft and bold because the topic needs to catch the eye of the viewers. I used a chart and a map to get the point across of the number aspect of how much sleep you need. Using too many numbers can get confusing so the chart is what I went with. Overall this week’s infographic did not take me long and I liked how it turned out in the end!

Sources : CDC and SCL Health

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