Climate Change in 2021

The program that I used to create my Infographic was Canva. I have had experience with Canva before, because mostly all my Infographics, I made on Canva. For this Infographic, I started from scratch. I am very familiar with Canva, so I decided to start from scratch.

I researched my topic on Goole. I typed in climate change 2021, and a lot of articles came up. It took me about an hour to research my topic, and it took me about another hour to create my infographic, so it took me 2hrs in total to put my infographic together.

My design process was pretty straightforward. I decided to use a light blue gradient background because I thought it would look good, and for the font, I just used the fonts they gave me like Open Sans Light and Open Sans Extra. For the Font color I just decided to use black, because at the top of my infographic the color is a light blue.

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