The New Pandemic: Anxiety

I once again chose to use Canva. Every week I find something new that makes me love Canva even more! I created this infographic from scratch. For the pie graph, I used Powerpoint to create it, then transferred it over to Canva. I chose the blue and red colors because when I looked up calming colors, they came up! I figured it’d be good to have a calming infographic for a rather stressful topic. I kept all the font pretty consistent throughout rather than trying to play around with what fonts look good together. I figured that it looked more in unison with all the font the same.

This topic had a lot of information considering that we are still in the pandemic. Overall, this infographic probably took me about three hours total. This is actually one of the shortest times I spent working on an infographic throughout this semester! I looked through a lot of different websites and articles until I found exactly what I wanted.

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