Better wear your sunscreen! #SPF


When creating this infographic I used Canva! Canva is a great useful app you can design almost anything on here and there are so many resources to use on it. I started this template from scratch, I designed the layout of it, the fonts, color choices, graphs, diagrams, and pictures. I love Canva because every week I swear I find a different tool to use for my infographic. I googled skin cancer to research this topic and then found a reliable source and I know it is a reliable source because growing up, ‘.org’ is a good indicator it’s a reliable website. I would say the research tool me about 30 to 40 minutes to find and write down and the infographic itself always takes me a while because I design my templates from scratch normally. I would say the infographic took me an hour to make with all the diagrams, graphs, etc. I chose to do most of the writing in the burnt orange/red color because skin cancer is usually associated with sunburns so I decided to use this color the font I chose was a very neat and not over baring one. It stands out but it’s not too much to take away from the entire infographic. I chose the layout of all the diagrams and graphs on the left-hand side so when you read it you can see all of those that I designed then on the right-hand side I have interesting facts with pictures that I felt went with the fact presented on here.

Skin Cancer Info

#skincancer #sunscreen #SPF #melanoma #UVradiation

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