Infographic on Lyme Disease Awareness


This weeks infographic meant a lot to me. My Mom suffers with the crippling disease of Lyme. I don’t think Lyme and its severity is talked about enough, which led me to chose it as my topic for this week. I used Canva for this design, I am very comfortable with it’s tools and mobilities; so much so that I can see myself using this program for the rest of the semester. I still really enjoy the creativity this application can display and I love being able to look at various templates for inspiration. To that point, I saw a template I thought fit really well with concept so I ran with it and made it my own.

I researched this topic on The CDC’s website. They provided an immense amount of information about the disease so it only took me about 45 minutes worth of research. My prior knowledge to Lyme disease also played handy in my research. It took me around two hours to create the infographic and its design.

My design process was based off template supplied by Canva however, I of course added my own colors and dimensions. I chose to do greens because ticks natural habitat (that being woodsy areas). So I associated their environment with the colors of the infographic. I decided to pin point the states with the highest lyme rates the way I did because I felt it gave more emphases rather than shading them in on a map. I also thought it was necessary to include a diagram of the body to pinpoint exact locations of potential lyme symptoms.



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