Women in Office

By: Jessica Luecke
  • I used photoshop again for this week’s infographic. I started from scratch and kind of started playing with fonts and colors. I like photoshop because I don’t have to work inside a template, sometimes I feel like templates and services have limitations.
  • I researched a lot of women based websites with statistics and demographics. I found a lot of graphics that inspired me.
  • Research took an hour or so and then the infographic took about 4 to 5 hours.
  • I knew i wanted to base this infographic in pink, because society has taken the color pink and aligned it with femininity and I wanted to challenge that with more of power centered take. Whenever I choose a topic I like to pick a font that showcases my topic so I was so excited when i found the found i used for the title. The bottom circles are supposed to mimic vote for me buttons/pins but with quotes instead. I love having sentences with important parts in different colors.




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