Lets talk Gun Control


For my Politics and Election Infographic I decided to do it on Gun Control. I have continued to use Canva for my program of choice. The more I use this application the more tools and edits I pick up on. I am even considering purchasing “Canva Pro” to try out more of their tools. I started out using a template for this infographic, but ended up completing transforming it. I incorporated my own colors and designed but kept the same basic layout minus a few things.

It was fairly easy researching this topic due to its importance in todays society. All of my information was found on Pew Research. It took me roughly an hour to research and another hour and a half to put together all its pieces to create the infographic.

Like I mentioned before I had used a template to start out my design, but ended up taking a whole different approach to it. I originally picked the template because I enjoyed how well it was organized, so I really wanted to keep that aspect. I changed the colors to something on the darker hue because this topic is more on heavier topic. However, I still kept a hint of color to create dimension. I really like how I incorporated the human bodies to show statistics in a different aspect.


Pew Research

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