Who is Donald Trump?

By: Rachel Iredale


Program and design:

I decided to use Canva for this assignment because I think that using this program makes my infographics looks more professional. I started this from scratch and used a red background because Donald Trump ran as Republican in 2016. I used a picture of him to show the audience what he looks like. I included a map with an arrow that I made on it to show where he was born. I included two pie charts to show the election results in both the 2016 and 2020 elections. I also included facts about the trump administrations time in office.


I spend about an hour on researching all of the information that I gathered on Donald Trump. I used multiple trusted websites to find this information. I then spent about another hour creating the actual infographic. The entire process from research to completion took about two and a half hours total.


Trump’s occupations

2016 and 2020 results

Trump administrations

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