Independent Member: Bernie Sanders

Once again for this week’s infographic, I used the program Canva to create my infographic on the politics and elections assignment. I have used Canva multiple times throughout this course because I have been able to navigate it pretty well, although, it can be quite tedious at times when it comes to moving everything around. I like this website because they have several templates to chose from, which is what I used for my infographic this week.

In order to research my topic, I went to Google to learn about Bernie Sander’s political run since I do not really keep up to date with politics. After completing my research, I found that the website, Ballotpedia, was the most helpful. It had all the information I needed. Overall, it took about 30-45 minutes researching my topic while creating the infographic itself, took about an hour and a half.

Since my infographic was a template I found on Canva, I kept a lot of it the same. I kept the text boxes and the font, but I changed almost every single color to fit my theme. I wanted to keep it simple and use the the colors red, white, and blue which represent the flag of the United States. It only makes sense to use these colors since Bernie Sanders is a politician in the United States.

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