Trebuchet Trivia Time!

I made this infographic fully on The forest green background actually comes from the original image I used for the diagram. I elected to replace said image with the one you see in the infographic because I felt that a .PNG file would look cleaner. I then added the labels myself on Canva, taking them from the diagram I initially wanted to use.

The brown of the border surrounding my factoids and the drop shadow in the title is that of the new trebuchet. I added the border so that the bottom half of the image wasn’t so boring to look at. I think the colors work well together and shouldn’t be too hard on the eyes. I had some trouble figuring out the right font size and spacing for the factoids so that they all fit nicely and were still readable. I went with 13 in the end and may have been able to go bigger, but I don’t really know about that for sure.

This was a pretty easy infographic to make, all things considered. Finding a diagram to use, attempting to edit the original one, and then recreating the diagram from scratch took some time. And it did take me a while to compile all ten facts. I would say that was the hardest part of the whole assignment. Overall, I think this is the best assignment I’ve done so far for this class.

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