Donald Trump Statistics

Abc News & Britannica

For the infographic this week I used Canva and I started from scratch for the template. I like this program because you can make it your own when starting from scratch and design it anyway you want to. There are so many tools to use that I discover every time when using Canva. This research took me by far the longest because I had to dive deep to find the information for this infographic. I googled Donald Trump and then got statistics about the past elections and information about him.

The research took me probably an hour and a half to gather all of the information I needed for this infographic. Creating the infographic itself took me another hour to two hours to create all the maps, bar charts, and diagram. I chose to do red and blue because they are our nations colors. So i incorporating the maps and charts I created within the colors as well and within the background for this infographic so it matched with what I was talking about. I chose the same font I normally do because its simple, easy to read, and classy. I had to size certain paragraphs differently when adding the caption bubble to the pictures to make it neat and put together. For the heading I chose to make it bold in bigger font to make it stand out, and the subheading under it not bold because its just a brief description on what my infographic is going to be apart of. This infographic I am the most proud of I would say because it took me the longest and I feel like this one has a lot of valuable information on it but also is neat and easy to read.


Donald Trump Stats

2016 & 2020 election stats   

Pic of Donald Trump

pic of Hillary Clinton  

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