Wealthiest Athletic Teams of 2021

This week’s infographic on money and economics revolved around the richest sports teams of 2021. I used the program Canva for this assignment. I have used this program in the past so I decided to go with it because I am becoming more and more familiar with it. I also used a template and kept the same fonts and colors since I find the templates a lot easier to navigate and edit. After I completed my infographic, I realized it came out a little blurry which I am not too happy about so I really disliked this aspect of Canva.

My topic took about 20 minutes to research since it is a well-known topic considering sports revolve around money. I used ESPN for the actual research and Wikipedia for the logos. It took around an hour and a half to two hours creating the infographic itself. I was constantly editing what I wanted to put on the infographic and how I wanted to present the information.

Again, I did not have much of a design process since I used a template and kept the fonts and colors. However, I did remove some of the content on the template. There was a text box that I could put a quote in and a sub heading that I decided to remove so it wasn’t too word heavy.

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