Cord Cutting: Is it Worth it?

by: jessica Luecke
  • I used photoshop to create this week’s infographic. I have used Photoshop in the past but I have been really getting in to the techniques in my graphic design class. I started from scratch, knowing I wanted to do my project on cutting the cord.
  • I read a ton of articles pertaining to this, really trying to figure out if cutting the cord is really worth and which streaming services someone should start with.
  • The research took about two hours, on and off throughout the week. The infographic took about 7 hours of straight work. It still could be better.
  • The first step was to create my background design. I started using the pen tool for the scissors and the cord and layered a couple copies on top for layering. I played with the sizing and placement. It quickly became Netflix themed when i chose the font. I am a big deliver if I am covering a topic i should use a font that embodies that. I created my layout by using phones, laptops, and tvs as borders for my information. My favorite part is that my simplified bar graph is also the search menus for each respective streaming service. I loved incorporating little images from Netflix like “are you still watching” and the play button.


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