The Cost of College.

For this infographic I decided to use Canva to complete the assignment. It has a strong familiarity at this point and I am comfortable using it. I started with a blank slate and found a blackboard looking background on Pixabay since I am talking about education. I chose to talk about the average college pricing for 2 and 4 year, private, and public schools. I thought this was a good topic to choose since it deals with money and is relevant to my own personal finances.

It took me about a half hour of research to find the data, and another half hour to organize everything. Once I had that layout, I put the key data into an excel sheet which I actually incorporated into the infographic. It also helps readers to correlate the chart and percentage graph beneath it. After that I had to input that data into the chart and graph on Canva. Once all of my data was there I moved some things around and added some icons and text boxes to look more sleek. Overall I would say this assignment took me 2-2 and a half hours.

Data Source

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