Forms of Income Inequality in America

This week I chose forms of income inequality because I knew there would be a lot of opportunity to utilize graphs, lists, charts, text, and photos.

This has been one of my most time consuming infographic both with research and designing. World Population Review and the Census keep very in depth data, but deciding which information I wanted to use was difficult. I could have made graphs on money women make by their race in comparison to men as well, but I didn’t have the space for it. It took me about an hour to research the topic.

I had to sketch where the graphs were going to go before making the infographic to save some time and frustration with formatting everything. I used Canva Charts and Adobe Spark for this infographic. I chose red, white and blue because I wanted it to be an American theme. I frequently use this specific font for infographics because I think its unique enough that it captures the eye, but its not too flashy so it fitting for information.

I found challenges along the way, I felt very limited with space and I feel like my graphs could use more text explaining the extent of the inequality- like how someone with less than a high school diploma makes less than half of the median household income, based off of median weekly earnings. Overall, it took me about an hour and a half to sketch what I wanted the graphs to look like and where they were going to go.

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