Salaries of Media & Journalism Jobs

For this assignment, I once again chose to work with Canva. I’ve found so many tricks and tips throughout the last few weeks of using Canva, that I had to go back. I created this infographic completely from scratch. I considered using a template, but decided to just challenge myself a little bit and create this on my own. I used the graphics from Canva, I’m not quite talented enough to make my own from scratch quite yet!

I definitely had to research a little for this project. I used to get all my information from. There was a lot of different information regarding salaries on there that I found super helpful. Creating this took me a little longer than the others, considering that this was a lengthier assignment that had a little bit of everything we’ve been learning in one.

With the topic being “Economics & Money,” I felt that I could make several different things. I’m happy with the topic I chose considering Media & Journalism is my major and I’ll have to start looking into jobs soon. I was pretty happy with how this infographic turned out. I wanted it to be sort of “aesthetically pleasing” to the eye, because I feel like that reflects the Media & Journalism major, in my opinion. I chose the warm orange color palette because I feel like it comes off welcoming. I also decided to add in some media graphics because it ties into our major perfectly.

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