The average teacher salaries


For this infographic, I chose to use Canva because I have become very comfortable using Canva to create my infographics. For the only infographics I created I started from scratch but I decided to choose a template for this one. I like this program because I have a lot of freedom to create an infographic. The research in this topic took a lot longer than other infographics we’ve done in this course. I started my research by just searching online for the average teacher salaries and kept finding statistics to include on my infographic. It took me about 1 hour to research for this infographic and another hour to create the infographic. For my design process, I first chose a template that I thought best fit the topic. Then, I added photos, graphs, and text boxes to create the content for my design. I chose colors that made me think of school and colors teachers would use on their powerpoints to make learning fun.


Photo from Pixabay

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