A Timeline of British Currency

Source: Independent.co.uk

For the assignment this week we were given a topic “Economics and Money”, which was a very broad topic but then you just chose a topic within the topic that was given. I chose to do my infographic this week on British Currency because I went to England in high school and used their currency while I was over their so I thought it would be interesting to learn how it came to be euros and pounds.

For this infographic I used Canva to design this, yes I did use a timeline template but I completely reedited it to make it my own I chose all new colors, fonts, and sizes. I love Canva, I have used it for every assignment in this class so far and never had an issue with it. I researched this topic but typing in “history of British currency” and then looked through a few websites until I felt as though I found a reliable one then chose it and started my research. The research this time definitely took me the longest because it was a little more thorough research than the past assignments, so I would say the research took me about 90 minutes. To create the infographic itself though with the pictures and information I found tool me another hour I would say because I wanted to make sure it was organized and the information was clear and easy to read.

My design process for this infographic was different from my other ones for this course so far because normally I would start from scratch to design it but this time I chose a template. Even though I chose a template, I completely redid the colors, fonts, and font size to make it my own. I chose neutral colors like a light teal blue, a cream white for the background itself, and then black because black makes the text stick out more in my opinion so it’s easier to read. I chose this template rather than creating my own because I liked the way the template was laid out because it was simple to follow along for a timeline which is what I made for my infographic. It followed with the timeline I made and you know were it begins and ended. I added photos for each timeline point as well so my little captions had a photo to go with it. This one definitely took me a lot more time than normal but I enjoyed doing the assignment this week. I also liked how you gave us a broad topic to chose something within it , to me it was easier to figure out what I wanted to do because normally I spend a lot of time thinking about what topic to do for the infographic every week.


British Currency Information

Currency Pictures

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