A Timeline of the U.S. Currency

This week, we were given the topic of “Economics and Money”. Since we were able to choose how we want to display what economics and money means to us for this assignment, I chose to create a timeline about the U.S. currency. When looking up infographic inspiration for our assignments, I always see timeline infographics and think how they look fun to make so this seemed like the perfect opportunity. I did enjoy making this infographic, however it was really time consuming. The infographic probably took me over 3 hours. I started two different kind of timelines, realized mid way through the set up wasn’t best for the display, and had to start new.

I designed this infographic on Canva since it is the creation platform I am most comfortable with. I chose the landscape view because that was the option that would fit all 12 elements of the timeline, although it is still kind of crowded. I chose the brown borders on the top and bottom because I felt it looked best with the coins in the background, and used white text because it is what displayed best against the coin/brown background. I made the text of the years the largest so that people would understand it is a timeline with first glance. I found all of my information from Business Insider.

Overall, I enjoyed this assignment but I learned making timelines is harder than I thought. I ran into a lot of trouble with trying to find the space for all my information and text. Maybe if I go on an app like Photoshop next time where I can choose my dimension size for my infographic it would help me out.

References: https://www.businessinsider.com/the-history-of-american-money-2016-6#13-federal-reserve-notes-1913-present-13

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