Top 5 Beaches in Florida

Source : U.S. News

Florida has had my heart since I was a little girl. Visiting different beaches throughout the sunshine state has always been a summer adventure for me. For this infographic map I chose to do the top rated beaches in Florida, top 5 specifically. I used Canva to create this project and I did not use a template. I wanted to start from scratch because I had an idea I wanted to bring to life…..and Canva allows that to happen. This program is by far my favorite to use as I am very familiar with it and it has a lot of unique elements that went nicely with my topic.

I used the website of U.S. travel news to research this data and it did not take me very long to plan out an idea for my map. I wanted it to be bold with happy colors since Florida is the sunshine state. I wanted bold font that stood out because of the fact it’s rankings from 1-5. The backdrop was created by me using elements. I loved the idea of adding a palm tree. I wanted my infographic to have the ‘look’ of a brochure so it draws in traveler’s eyes.

Overall I had a great and easy time creating this infographic as beaches and traveling are one of my interests. I think I did a good job speaking through my map suing elements that stand out!

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