Well thats a whole lot of Babies

For this weeks assignment I did my infographic on the total amount of births across the U.S this year. I used two programs for this assignment. I used Photoshop to color in the states and Powerpoint to add text. I started from scratch with an image of an empty map and filled it accordingly with my own research. I struggled a lot with both platforms, and wasn’t 100% happy with how my process went. I had a hard time operating Photoshop due to my little experience with it.

I researched the topic using google. It wasnt very hard to find such information. It tookm me abput 30 minues of research soley based on the fact that I wasnt sure what exactly I wanted to map out. On the other hand it took me roughly 3 hours to create the design itself.

I chose blues for this map because I felt as though it stood out the most and contrasted well with the light blue ocean. For my text I chose white so it would pop from the blues.

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