The United States of Pollution.

By: Jessica Luecke
  • I took inspiration from one of the videos from our teachings this week. I am surprised I have never tried google sheets before but I really enjoyed it. I love that I can embed my map and it can be interactive. I chose to do both and interactive portion and a standard infographic, that I chose Procreate to customize. This way my information can be seen easier but still have both options.
  • In my course on Environmental Issues we’ve been learning about pollution and specific pollutants in different parts of the country. I was curious on seeing where PA stood in terms of rankings and so I decided to make this weeks project based on it.
  • The research did not take me long, but the input of information into Google Sheets took quite a while. Once the information was recorded though the maps were pretty easy to make and customize. The infographic itself took about an hour and a half, making infographics to me can be very experimental and I like to make sure I like my work through and through.
  • I knew that I wanted each map to be different colors. When it came to my infographic I knew I wanted to experiment with colors and patterns. I chose a blue scale for drinking water because I wanted it to match the topic. I wanted to make sure it wasn’t too cluttered or too plain.


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