All Your Greenhouse Needs

For the google map infographic assignment I chose to create a map on all the greenhouses that are within a 25 mile radius of my hometown Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. Inspiration was found in this as I am a huge plant lady, and I have been noticing everyone is buying their decorative pumpkins and gourds. I figure a map to help with spooky and fall decorating is always fun, plus I loved finding out there were 3 greenhouses in my area I didn’t know about.

I created my map using google maps per the example provided for class, and overall I enjoyed using it. I think google maps is very user friendly and it was even more simple with the helpful narrated powerpoints. I customized my map as much as I was able to by changing the icon seen on the map to a tree. My research took me about 30 minutes and creating the map itself took about an hour. All my photos were found from the different facebook pages of the greenhouses that they had uploaded over time. This assignment was really enjoyable, making maps and being a critic can be fun!

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