Best Bites in Downtown Bethlehem, PA

By: Teresa Nappo

I chose to complete my map on some of my favorite places to eat in Bethlehem which is about 25 minutes away from my hometown, Whitehall. Bethlehem has some of the best local eateries so I was excited to complete my map on this topic. My research probably took about an hour and a half total. I knew a lot of prior information such as some of my favorite menu items at these restaurants. However, I some of these restaurants like Edge and Twisted Olive, I have never been too. My sister is a big fan of these two places so I decided to include them. If I did not know much about the restaurant, I simply used Google to look up their website and reviews on each place. It did take quite some time to create my map, I would say about two hours. I tried to come up with clever descriptions as best as I could.

I did run into some problems with Google. I had a problem when it came to finding pictures of each restaurant since they are local and not chain restaurants. I had to credit every picture (except for one) with a link since I could not find any pictures under the Creative Commons License. The only picture that was mine was the Billy’s Downtown Diner picture, everything else was taken from somewhere else and credited accordingly in the description. Also, in the guidelines, it says to write two paragraphs about each place. I found that it is impossible to create multiple paragraphs in each description.

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