Tastiest Joints In Doylestown, Pa!


I had a lot of fun with this weeks infographic, it made me feel like a real food critic. Through working with Google for this assignment I didn’t run into any challenges. The tutorial we received from Dr. Frohlich was super helpful and made working with GoogleMaps much simpler. I researched this topic by using my own personal experiences and a little help with Google. I had already pre chose most of the Food places on my map, however I did find myself Googling “Best food places in Doylestown” towards the end of my map. In addition, I also found it super helpful looking on Yelp at reviews of certain places that I wasn’t super familiar with.

My research took me roughly an hour to an hour and a half while the mapping itself took a little longer. Mapping the food joints out wasn’t what took me so long; it was figuring out the right things to say in my description that took up most of my time. I thought this part was most important since it would be what users would be interested in. With my design process I used icons that correlated most with the food options on each menu. I also incorporated colors that I deemed matched the aesthetic of food. For example I chose red for an Italian restaurant because I think of red sauce.


Best Places to Eat in Doylestown


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