Perry County: Small County, Big Appetite

This was definitely one of the more challenging assignments. I did slowly get the hang of it, but it was more tedious than anything! This project took me roughly an hour and a half after I had it all sketched out on paper of the places that I wanted to include. Then I also had to refer back to the videos this week and almost work alongside Dr. Frolich when actually creating the map.

I did the best places to eat, and get coffee from my hometown, so it was nice to be able and reflect on all my favorite places! I already had a lot of knowledge on these topics because it is where I grew up, but I found a few new places that are relatively new.

I did a google search of “Best coffee places in Perry County,” and there were a few I never even heard of. A lot of the places just had Facebook pages, so I went on the pages and did some of my research there when it came to menu items, hours, and etc.

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