Restaurants Around Fort Lauderdale Beach

This is the first time I have used Google Maps to create my map. I decided to make a map of restaurants around my hometown Fort Lauderdale. Most of these restaurants are right by the beach.

I ran into two problems when I was creating my Google Map. When I click on my 2nd layer and 3rd layer, which is Cafe’s, and Mexican restaurant’s I can click on the tags I made, and it shows on the map where I placed the marker, and when In click on the tag it shows a photo and description of the tag I made. When I try to click on one of the tags in my bar and grill layer, I cant click on any of the tags I made, and it doesn’t highlight any of the tags either. The second problem I ran into was they didn’t have a Mexican logo, like a taco logo for restaurants.

It took me about 15 minutes to research this topic. I am familiar with this area, so it didn’t take long. It took me about an hour to create this infographic. It was my first time using Google Maps to create my own map, so it took a while.

My Design process was pretty simple. For the bar and grill section of my map, I used the restaurant logo and made the logo purple. I had a fast-food logo which was red in my bar and grill section as well. For my Cafe section, I used the Coffee logo and I made the logo color yellow I thought a bright color was a good color for a Cafe. For my Mexican section, I had to use the restaurant logo, because they didn’t have any Mexican logos. The logo color was brown for the taco color. The picture I decided to use was a picture of what the restaurant looks like from the outside.

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