Historical Landmarks in Philadelphia



I did not run into any problems with Google. After watching the tutorial on how to make a Google Map, I was able to easily navigate google with no problems.


I spent a decent amount of time researching my topic. Since Philadelphia has many historic places, I had to comb through multiple websites to find places that I thought would be fitting on my map. I tried to create a mixture of already well known places, as well as places people may not have heard of before. I spend around an hour researching my topic and gathering locations for my map.

Creating the map:

Creating the map was not difficult in and of itself. It was time consuming adding each location then editing them to make them look presentable and including an accurate description. I chose colors for the different categories that I thought were fitting. I also included pictures that were under the creative commons license that I thought did a good job at showing off the different locations on my map. I tried to create creative and inviting descriptions that would intrigue the audience into wanting to learn more about the different locations. Overall, it took me about two hours to create the map.


Benjamin Franklin Museum, Philadelphia museum of Art, Betsy Ross House, Penn Museum, Museum of the American Revolution

Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, The President’s House, Mother Bethel Church, Christ’s Church, Declaration House, American philosophical Society Museum

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