Best Lunch Spots in West Chester, PA

This week proved more difficult than other weeks. I spent a considerably longer amount of time trying to plot the points than I probably should have. Quite a few times, I uploaded an image but did not click “save” so I had to go back and reupload. Other than being time consuming, I did find this assignment to be enjoyable, and I liked getting to write about why each restaurant is a lunch favorite of mine.

I spent about an hour researching. Even though West Chester is my home town, I wanted to make sure I selected points that weren’t too close to each other or too far away. I have some favorite restaurants that are closer to the edge of town, but I didn’t know if it would distort my map, so I kept everything contained to a few blocks.

It took me about another hour to plot the points, select the image, write a caption and create a for each spot. I found this part to be a lot of fun, once I got the hang of it and made sure I was saving my work. I was surprised that google had a noodle icon and a sushi icon, but no pasta or tacos. I chose wheat, or the health food symbol, for Italian food.

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